Artist Wayne Dowsent has just finished Speed Painting Mad Max’s world famous muscle car, The Interceptor!!
    The Interceptor starred in the 1979 Australian action film  Mad Max. The film was directed by George Miller, written by Miller and Byron Kennedy and starring Mel Gibson.
    It became a top-grossing Australian film, holding the Guinness record for most profitable film for decades and has been credited for further opening up the global market to Australian New Wave films. It was also the first Australian film to be shot with a widescreen anamorphic lens.The first film in the series, Mad Max spawned sequels Mad Max 2  The Road Warrior in 1981 and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in 1985. A fourth installment, Mad Max: Fury Road starring actor Tom Hardy as Max, is currently in production.

    [youtube width=”570″ height=”350″]http://youtu.be/2w1e_EeBKFg[/youtube]

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