Oil Paintings

    Wayne loves to paint what he feels passionate about...and that's just about everything. Wayne is particularly interested in capturing the War Portraits of our Returned Servicemen and Women, anything Australian and of course Car Art.


    Wayne\'s photography has captured the beauty of Australia, which include our unique wildlife, beach scenes and country landscapes. Grab a cuppa, relax and enjoy the slide show.

    Digital Art

    Wayne is multi-talented, as he not only paints with brushes he also paints with a computer. Here are some excellent examples of well known celebrities that have been digitally painted and also some 3D Computer Generated Art as well.

    Car Art

    OK all you Rev Heads and Car Lovers, this is where you can check out Wayne\'s Car Art from the Golden Years of Australian Motoring history...with a little American Muscle thrown in for good measure. You will also find the cars from that iconic cult classic Mad Max !


    Wayne enjoys working with clay, resin putty and even balsa wood to create these magnificent sculptures. Wayne just loves to sculpt, however between painting, photography and digital art, finding the time can be difficult. The challenge of sculpting is from the very conception of the piece through to the completed work of art.

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