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  • Outback Adventure !-Biloela

    Wayne and Jacqui left rainy Bateua bay and headed up to Bundaberg to visit Rob & jess.Then it was off to Biloela and the beginning of their camping trip!

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  • Blue Gum Dawn Painting

    A while ago Artist Wayne took his partner Jacqui away for a birthday weekend to beautiful Gloucester.But as usual being the Artist he is, he draged poor Jacqui all over the country side before the crack of dawn!

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  • Saber-toothed cat skull

    Artist Wayne is at it again! He has created a new skull !
    Saber-toothed cats existed for approximately 42 million years.They are so called for their large, saber-like maxillary canine teeth, which extended from their mouths even when it was closed. Despite the name, not all animals known as saber-toothed cats were closely related to modern felines.

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  • Wayne’s Outback Adventure

    I have been inspired by the beautiful landscape and met many wonderful people on my Australian Outback Adventure. Now I will show you how my artwork is influenced by what I have seen!

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  • Ford XC Falcon in 3-D

    Artist Wayne is at it again! This time he has computer generated the mighty Ford XC Falcon!
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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Painting

    Arnold Schwarzenegger (born July 30, 1947) is an Austrian-American former professional bodybuilder, model, actor, director, businessman and politician who served as the 38th Governor of California (2003–2011).
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  • The Cassowary painting

    The cassowaries are ratites, very large flightless birds in the genus Casuarius native to the tropical forests of New Guinea, nearby islands and northeastern Australia.

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