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  • Suchomimus Dinosaur Painting 1

    Suchomimus is a genus of large spinosaurid dinosaur with a crocodile-like mouth that lived sometime between 121-112 million years ago, during the late Aptian stage of the Cretaceous period in Africa.

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  • Corella Painting 1

    Artist Wayne has started a painting that is influenced by the vibrant colours, landscape and wildlife of our beautiful country.Wayne has gained this inspiration from his recent trip to Outback Queensland.

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  • Outback Adventure ! – Aramac

    We continue our journey from Barcaldine to Aramac where we saw wild pigs, hundreds of emus, spectacular sunsets and lots more!
    Aramac is a small town in Western Queensland, Australia, lying 68 kilometres north of Barcaldine, and 1,280 kilometres (800 mi) by road from the state capital, Brisbane. It is situated on Aramac Creek, which flows into the Thomson River 60 kilometres west of town.
    The predominant industry is grazing. The town water for Aramac is supplied from two bores connecting into the Great Artesian Basin.

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  • Noel McPhail and his Halifax Bomber.

    This is Artist Wayne’s largest painting yet!…and how fitting to introduce flying legend F/Sgt Noel McPhail, who was an Aussie skipper in England.
    Wayne talks about the painting, the mystery object under Noel’s collar and the amazing story of Noel and his crew’s narrow escape from death!

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  • Full scale T-Rex skull 2  

    I have made a start!! Still early days yet, but the skull is taking form!
    Tyrannosaurus meaning “tyrant lizard”, is a genus of theropod dinosaur.

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  • Outback Adventure !- Barcaldine

    Wayne and Jacqui left beautiful Emerald and travelled to Barcaldine.
    Barcaldine is a small town in Western Queensland, Australia.Major industries are sheep and beef cattle rearing.
    Barcaldine played a significant role in the Australian labour movement and the birth of the Australian Labor Party. In 1891, it was one of the focal points of the 1891 Australian shearers’ strike, with the Eureka Flag flying over the strike camp. The landmark Tree of Knowledge, under which the strikers met, stood outside the railway station. In 2006, persons unknown poisoned the tree with the herbicide Roundup, which led to its demise.

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  • Wayne’s painting “Freedom”

    Artist Wayne’s painting of beautiful white horses running through water!!

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  • Mortimore Art Prize 2011

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    NEWSFLASH ! I am very excited and proud to announce that I have been selected as a Finalist in the Mortimore Art Prize 2011. The sections in the prize are Waterscape, Landscape, Still life, Portrait, Drawing, Small and Sculpture. The prize is a yearly event on the Australian Art Calender. The painting, ‘Jim at 92’ …


  • Outback Adventure !- Emerald

    Wayne and Jacqui continued their journey to Emerald, camping by beautiful Lake Maraboon.
    Emerald is a town located in the Central Highlands district of Central Queensland, Australia. The Tropic of Capricorn runs through Emerald and the town lies almost 300 kilometres from the coast.

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  • Portrait of Harry Unmack

    Harry Julius Frederick Unmack Roll 4 LHR [Light Horse Regiment] – Reinforcements [1-12] (December 1914 – November 1915)
    Harry joined the 4th Light Horse Regiment at the age of 19.He was stationed in Cairo.Served with the Machine Gun Battalion in Gallipoli.Wounded by shell shock and was hospitalised in Alexandria with Neurasthenia.Shipped out 14/11/1915.

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